DALE HAWERCHUK - 1963-2020


     Cancer has had an impact on so many of our lives. On August 22nd 2019, Hockey Hall of Fame legend Dale Hawerchuk was diagnosed with an aggressive form of gastric cancer. This eventually resulted in a mission to use his platform to launch an initiative that would raise awareness and give back to the healthcare community he and his family are so grateful for. Hawerchuk Strong was created and work began to achieve his goal. The Hawerchuk Strong initiative is as important as ever, and those closest to Dale are committed to continuing this mission in his memory.

In Partnership with Hawerchuck Strong

Signed and Numbered Limited Editions

The Painted

In Partnership with Hawerchuck Strong

It was an Honour as a Canadian artist to paint one of the greatest hockey players of all time

With hundreds of hours, the composition and detail evolved into a comprehesive story, encompassing some of the most important events in sports history.

Original Oil Painting

5 feet wide x 4 feet high painted in oils on Canvas

explore the process of Building the story

The elements and meanings within the images with the thoughts in the placement throughout the design

Stats with The incredible List of accomplishments

Teams, Leagues, Records and Awards

Limited Edition

Signed and Numbered Limited Edition. 1508 Editions, one for each point Dale had accumulated throughout his career.